Theatrical Works

Brer Rabbit and other tales from the Briar Patch (TBD. 2019)

Music by Nkeiru Okoye

Libretto by Carman Moore

This updated reboot of Bre’r Rabbit stories is family friendly and full of fun. Sister Sparrow, Sister Robin and Madame Partridge retell the antics of Bre’r Rabbit and his nemesis Bre’r Fox in "Bre’r Rabbit and the Tar Baby,” “The Pot of Sense,” and “Madame Partridge and her Eggs."


Development of Tales from the Briar Patch by Virginia Arts Festival John Duffy Institute for New Opera and American Opera Projects. Supported in part by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Friedrich Ludwig Diehn Fund of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation and The Aaron Copland Fund for Music.

Invitation to a Die-In (2017)

Music and concept by Nkeiru Okoye

text by David Cote


Invitation To A Die-In is a “sung story” for African American baritone and orchestra that crosses genres between monodrama and performance art.  Visually, impactful, the work was commissioned by Ng Tian Hui and the Mount Holyoke Symphony Orchestra In memory of Trayvon Martin.

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We've Got Our Eye on You (2016)

Theatrical Comedy with story and music by Nkeiru Okoye

libretto by David Cote


Loosely inspired by Greek myth, and set in ancient times, We’ve Got Our Eye on You delivers a humorous but uplifting message about giving in to desire prematurely. Think Monty Python-esque Gilbert & Sullivan, with a touch of Broadway.



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