We Met at the Symphony


Music and poems by Nkeiru Okoye


Song Cycle

Approx 15 minutes

for soprano and string quartet

Themes: Black Love, humor, social commentary

For score and parts, contact  rental@presser.com


We Met at the Symphony is a cycle of three songs. 

1.    We Met at the Symphony     5 min
2.    A Deafening Moan                5 min
3.    Trust                                       5 min

Approximate duration is 15 minutes


No. 1. We met at the symphony.
An African American woman reminisces about finding love at a symphony concert.  She’s familiar with the scene, and loves the music, despite the uniformity and social isolation she finds, amidst 2499 White faces.  Behind these she notices a Black man who is “coffee-hued” catching her eye.

No. 2. A deafening Moan.
A passionate romance follows, but in time, she learns all is not as it seems.  

No. 3. Trust
In the devastating aftermath, she swears off Black men, turning down one who is not as flashy, but has good intentions.  Reflectively, she sees closing off her heart is the reason she is alone.  



Preview of No.1 at Brooklyn Public Library

Leah Hunter, Soprano

The Harlem Chamber Players