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600 Square Feet


Music by Nkeiru Okoye

Libretto by David Cote


micro opera.

Approx 12 minutes

2 lead roles for soprano and baritone; with instrumental trio - clarinet, viola and cello.

Themes: Romantic comedy, micro opera

For scores and parts, contact


A young couple, Alexandra and Lance, share a small but cozy apartment. They have hit a rocky patch in their relationship. In fact, they just broke up. But, rather than move out, they break up the apartment. Alexandra takes the bedroom; Lance stays in the living room. The reason for their fight: Lance saw Alexandra having coffee with a mutual friend and assumed they were having an affair. Meanwhile, Alexandra demands to know what Lance was doing downtown, not at his office. Both refuse to explain, yet each badly misses the other — in the next room. Can ex-lovers cohabitate in only 600 square feet without total honesty? See if love or stubbornness will triumph in this short romantic comedy about trust, boundaries, and real estate.


Nkeiru Okoye's witty, graceful score for soprano, baritone, clarinet, cello and violin, after a humorous libretto by David Cote, surveys the ups and downs of relationships. From escalating arguments to tender confessions of heartbreak, 600 Square Feet takes inspiration from bel canto, rom-coms, and ’90s love duets. 


©2021. David Cote


600 Square Feet. World Premiere live version

Arizona State University

600 Square Feet.

A Micro Opera in the Operas [IN PLACE] project:

Nine newly commissioned Micro Operas for Baldwin Wallace Voice Performance Students.

A co-production between Baldwin Wallace Voice Performance, Cleveland Opera Theater, and On Site Opera. More information:

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