We've Got Our Eye On You



We’ve Got Our Eye on You is a musical comedy/operetta in four scenes set in Ancient Greece, with story and music by Nkeiru Okoye, and libretto by David Cote



80 minutes



Mock-historical comedy; battle-of-the-sexes farce; and social commentary that challenges today’s ‘hooking up’ culture. 



This work is intended for audiences from middle school aged students to adults: some of its humor may not be understood by, or appropriate for, younger children. 

Plot Synopsis

Loosely inspired by Greek myth, and set in ancient times, We’ve Got Our Eye on You delivers a humorous but uplifting message about giving in to desire prematurely. Think Monty Python-esque Gilbert & Sullivan, with a touch of Broadway.  Mayhem ensues when Pythia, Oracle from Delphi, visits the Graeae (mythological sisters who share one eye), and prophesies that a man bearing the mark of Zeus will be “known” to all three. Pythia departs and encounters Perseus, who plans to charm the Graeae into revealing the whereabouts of Medusa, as soon as he can find their cave.  He scoffs at Pythia’s prophecy, since he is madly in love with Andromeda, and could never fall for an eyeless woman. Perseus disguises himself, covering the mark of Zeus, as the sight of his physique may be too much for the ladies’ eyeball. In the end, the oracle’s prophecy comes true, causing personal reflection, and general fun and amusement for all.

We’ve Got Our Eye on You also has a social message: It challenges today’s “hookup” phenomenon that is especially pervasive amongst teens and college students.  Organizations seeking to reach and open dialogue with this audience through arts will appreciate its message, which is delivered through witty comedy, family-friendly songs and euphemistic language.

Casting and Instrumental requirements

We've Got Our Eye on You has five principal roles:

  • Enyo - the eldest Gray Sister

  • Deino - the middle Gray Sister

  • Pemphredo - the youngest Gray Sister

  • Perseus - Son of Zeus

  • Pythia - the Oracle from Delphi


Artist Statement

This is my first theatrical work since HARRIET TUBMAN.  It was inspired by a colleague who wanted a smaller operatic work to showcase three students in his voice studio… something with a theme of “sisterhood.” Two workshop performances are scheduled on March 1 and 5, 2016 at the Julien J. Studley Theater on the SUNY New Paltz campus. 

Video excerpts

Scene 3 workshop, 2017

Cleveland Opera Theater's Semi Staged workshop performance of WE'VE GOT OUR EYE ON YOU, Scene 3. Performance on 1/21/17. Gamble Hall, Baldwin Wallace Conservatory of Music, Cleveland, OH.

Scene 1 workshop, 2015

2015 Hartford Opera Theater New In November Festival

The Cooking Song, 2016

SUNY New Paltz's workshop production from March5, 2016. Julien J. Studley Theater, New Paltz, NY.

Sound samples

Note: These excerpts were taken from a live workshop reading of Scene 1, recorded on 5/27/2015.

The Cooking Song

The Graeae sisters describe their peculiar culinary habits.

The Chastity Song

Two of the Graeae sisters sing about their desires to meet men. 

Pythia's Prophecy

Pythia has a rollicking prophecy for the Graeae. 


Perseus plans to glean information from the Graeae through flirting.