When I Crossed that Line to Freedom

“I personally believe that [HARRIET TUBMAN] will enter the repertoire and be discussed with similar praise as George Gershwin's Porgy and Bess - this is a major composition, very worthy, and was greeted with well-deserved standing ovations!”

 Mark W. Greenfest.  March 3, 2014.


About the Work


“Okoye’s [Harriet Tubman] is an ensemble of achingly beautiful arias, duets, trios and choruses that recount the major episodes in Tubman’s career...” - The Baltimore Sun



HARRIET TUBMAN is a two act theatrical work that tells of how a young girl born in slavery, becomes Harriet Tubman, the legendary Underground Railroad conductor. Based on recent Tubman biographies, the story is told in the context of Tubman’s tight-knit family of lively characters. HARRIET TUBMAN carries the universal themes of sisterhood, courage, sacrifice and doing what is necessary to keep a family together. Moreover it is a heartwarming tale of two sisters vowing that nothing but death will separate them, despite the slavery threatening to tear them apart.


HARRIET TUBMAN was commissioned and produced by American Opera Projects (AOP) with generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts ARTWORKS Grant.



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