HARRIET TUBMAN: When I Crossed that Line to Freedom

Casting and ensemble specifications



HARRIET TUBMAN (Araminta Ross), protagonist – soprano

RACHEL ROSS, her younger sister – soubrette

BEN ROSS, her father – tenor

RITTIA ROSS, her mother – contralto

JOHN TUBMAN, her suitor – baritone

SAM GREEN, Preacher and abolitionist / WILLIAM STILL, Abolitionist –tenor/baritone

CAROLINE, An older woman on the plantation – contralto

KEZZIAH, A woman on the plantation – soprano

ROBERT ROSS, Harriet’s brother / MALE RUNAWAY – baritone

EDWARD BRODESS, Plantation owner / OVERSEER PITTS – tenor


SATB Chorus of Slaves, free Negroes, slave owners, farmers, townspeople, children, and abolitionists


Note about Casting: This production takes place in the years leading up to the American. As a matter of historical accuracy, casting is race specific. Blind casting is not permitted.